Nurture with Nature

Organic, Natural and Mineral


The gemstones that I use are naturally found within the earth as minerals, not synthetic or simulation. They have rarity, durability, beautiful colour and therapeutic properties. Synthetic or simulation gemstones will replicate the appearance and cut of a stone, but will have no effect when used for gemston therapy to assist with energies within the body.


Natural pearls are grown organically from layers of protein and calcium called 'nacre' which the oyster has coated around an irritant threatening its soft layer. Natural pearls are irregular in size and shape. Cultured pearls are grown from a nucleus placed in the soft tissue of a mollusk in a salt water or fresh water pearl farm. Cultured pearls are ideal for consistency of size with jewellery.

Wearing gemstone and crystal jewellery is an attractive, easy and convenient way to carry healing stones with all of the time.

Healing jewellery can be of any type, style or design, and it does not need to be worn on or near any area of the body, regardless of what it is being used for.

Therefore, any form of jewellery can be used including pendants, necklaces, bracelets, ring and ear-rings.

As a rule, jewellery consisting of one gemstone works best for healing as the energy of the stone is not affected by another.  

Healing jewellery containing multiple varieties of stone can work if the energies of the stone harmonise well with each other.

Stones that are designed with gold, silver or copper work especially well since these metals are good conductors of energy.

The therapy process can be hindered or emphasised depending on the type of metal conductor.

To use your jewellery for healing, you would cleanse it, charge it and program it (just as you would with any other healing stone), after each use, or daily if it is regularly worn.

It is good practice to keep a written record of your spiritual and emotional healing. You may have to experiment with many gemstones to find the correct stone for you.